Thursday, 2 June 2011

Miro Bistro 212-5 Street S.

Well, I'm not quite sure what to say about todays lunch. When I think about it all I have are negatives to say, but that doesn't seem fair because the food was real good. So let me get the negatives out of the way first. I have eaten at Miro for dinner and so I knew in advance that it would not be a $10 lunch, however I must admit I was still surprised that there was not a few selections at a lesser price. The menu was set up with soup, appetizers and entree's and so I could see right away this was not a regular lunch restaurant. The food offered was more dinner style for me, but I finally decided on a penne pasta and grilled chicken with tomato sauce and goat cheese. The place wasn't too busy so I wasn't expecting to wait long for the food to come. I was wrong, they must have thought we were on a lunch sabbatical.  Fortunately there was an arrest going on outside so we had something to take our minds off our empty stomachs. The food finally arrived at the table, and in typical gourmet fashion we definitely paid for quality, not quantity. Now the positive part, the food was really good!! If you have a little more time and money to spend on lunch this is a great place to come. Personally I think I will save this place for dinner and find another for eating lunch.  Sorry Miro.  "J"

The Food was good today, for sure not a familiar food. Nothing on the lunch menu was something that I could have ordered and knew exactly what it was going to be like. That's not always a bad thing. We set out to try new things. Today I ordered a lunch special which was penne pasta with lamb meatballs. Surprisingly good. I was a little disappointed in the portion size. No complaints about the flavor and the food itself, I guess its just not what the "Nomads" are used to. We are always somewhat surprised when we go into a restaurant and find out we can't really get a lunch for $10 or less. Miro's isn't that kind of place, which is fine, Lethbridge should have a few places like this here and there. I guess what I'm trying to say is its a little "fancy" for me, (for lunch) but I was happy with what I ordered. It was nice to try something slightly different than I'm used to. If I go for lunch and they ask at the door "do you have reservations?" That should tell me something. All in all, todays was a good change of pace to be honest. Thanks Miro's for good lunch. "M"

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