Thursday, 16 June 2011

Top Pizza & Spaghetti House 1101-4 Ave. S.

Pizza from Top Pizza has always been a lunch favorite of mine but I always do take out, so today we decided to eat in. Since I am well acquainted with their pizza I decided to try the lasagna today. In my humble opinion you can never go wrong with pasta and today was no exception. Other than the long wait... so what is with that anyway??? People are on a a lunch break that usually lasts an hour, so why can't restaurants serve lunch a little quicker??? This is becoming a real turn-off to me, having to wait 30 minutes for my meal to come. I have things to do and places to see. (ya right!)  Anyway back to the food. Other than the wait the lasagna was real good. I went away very pleased and very full, and all that for $9.99. I'll be back, but probably will do take out again.  "J"

It's been a while since I've been to Top Pizza. Today I ordered an "ALL MEAT" Pizza. We sat and visited for a bit, we got hungrier and hungrier. (I'm always starving on Thursdays) Anyways so we waited and waited. At least 30 min went by, here comes our food! Finally! I bit into my pizza and it was delicious. Top's Pizza is Superior Pizza. Was it worth the wait? Yes it was. Too bad we are used to a much quicker lunch. I know they make the pizza fresh but it really should have been quicker than that. Other than that, it was a great lunch. I thought the price was good, I did finish my pizza but I was so full. In fact, I was still full when I left work at 5. There really is no other Pizza place in town like Top's, its an authentic pizza place. You can't go wrong...well it could have used some Sriracha... "M"

Yo, what up peeps?  I may not be as nice as "J" and "M".  I was not really wanting to go here for lunch cause I don't like to sit and wait for forever to eat.  Well on par, it took forever to get our food!  I'm not impressed.  It wasn't even that busy!  It was okay for flavor, but the wait wasn't worth the food.  The pizza looked like it was literally thrown together.  Some pieces had tons of toppings and other barely had cheese.  It took almost 40 mins. to get our orders.  Maybe they hadn't killed the cow yet?!  I don't know.  Anyways, if ur in a hurry, give this place a bye or pre-order, or order take-out or something, but I would not recommend eating in,  unless of course you like getting frustrated or playing sudoku on your iPhone all lunch hour while waiting for your food.  Definitely NO wow factor here. "C"

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