Thursday, 30 June 2011

Michelle's Memorable Meals 230 12A Street North

Well today we decided it was finally time to try Michelle's Memorable Meals. We found the place, went inside, it was quite busy. There was only a couple places left to sit. So we looked at the Lunch specials and I browsed the menu. "J" THEY HAVE LIVER AND ONIONS!!!! Now, I know it's not fair to blog about a lunch where I ordered "liver and onions" because I think most people hate them. I ordered it anyways. WOW so good. I think the best I've had in Lethbridge. I was so impressed with this place. The food was reasonably priced and so good. I will be back to try something else on the menu. What a great place for a nice home-cooked lunch. Strange location, although that didn't seem to affect how busy it was. Great Lunch. I loved it. "M"

As soon as we walked in the door I knew we had found a hidden gem of a neighborhood restaurant. It was only a few minutes past 12 o'clock and already the place was nearly full.  The one & only server didn't have time to greet us so we went straight in and found a table. Within a few minutes she came to our table with menus, and to welcome us. The menu was full of items I would have liked to try, but keeping with tradition I ordered the lunch special. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and vegetables, including soup and dessert for $8.99. While waiting for the food I looked around and realised that this restaurant must have been built on a shoestring budget. Most noteable were the chairs we aere sitting on. It only took a few minutes before I could feel the lack of padding on the chair seat. (I have a very sensitive butt you know) The beef & barley soup came right away and I loved it. Nice and thick with lots of flavour. If this was home made soup they have got the recipe right. My only complaint about the main meal was the plainness of the corn served as the vegetable. I love corn and this was very plain. Just a touch of butter would have helped. I was surprised by the dish of tapioca pudding for dessert. Not everyone likes tapioca but I love it. Tapioca reminds me of home because my mother made it often. Overall I was very pleased with Michelle's. Good food, great price. I would definately recommend you try it out. "J"

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