Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hong Kong Gardens 425 13th Street North

I guess I'm a "chinese food" snob and didn't even know it. I was really looking forward to eating at Hong Kong Gardens today because it's been such a long time since I've been here. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the flavors of the food. I can't really pinpoint what it was, all I know is it didn't taste like I like my chinese food to taste. It was OK, but not great. That being said, the restaurant was fairly busy and some of the guys really liked it, so like I said I must be a "chinese food" snob. What I did find positive was the volume of food they served. I started with a small wonton soup and it was twice the size I expected to see. The lunch special was $6.55 and after the soup I didn't come close to finishing it. So if you are looking for quantity, this is the place to eat.  "J"

Yup Chinese again. Well....on Thursdays I'm really Hungry. This was a lot of food for not much money. It was super cheap and a mountain of food. It didn't taste quite as good as some of the other places we've been. I ate quite a bit of it but I didn't love it. I ordered the lunch special with shrimp. There was one thing I loved.....The Sriracha. If you're looking for a cheap lunch and you want to get really full, this is the place. It was a bigger plate than I would have taken at a buffet. I think it'll be a while before I make it back. "M"

I have no clue where these two 'Chinese Food Snobs' just ate, but the Hong Kong Gardens that I just ate at was great!  What a couple of winers eh :-) I was given a gargantuous serving of food.  I was completely blown away by the amount of food on my plate.  Usually I only see this much food on my plate when I fill it myself at a buffet.  So anyways, I found the flavour a nice change from the cookie cutter flavours of all the other chinese food restaraunts in Lethbridge.  Yes the rice and chow mein did taste different than usual, but in a good way.  The 'won ton' soup was misspelled and should have been 'one ton' of soup.  It was massive! And that was a small bowl none the less.  The service was excellent and friendly.  I was the only one today to finish my lunch, so I think I deserve props for that.  A definate two thumbs up from me today.  Best value for lunch in a long time.However it looks like I'll be going back there by myself next time, but go back I will, and soon!  Quantity 10/10, quality 9.5/10, service 9.5/10, a full stomach the rest of the day 10/10.  Keep smilin', thanks for all the suggestions, and Happy Eating.  "C"


  1. Just a recommendation you guys should go try out Henry's Restaurant and try their dry ribs they are so addicting I go there once a week and just order dry ribs