Thursday, 21 July 2011

Five Guys Burgers & Fries 3725 Mayor Magrath Drive South

Hey everybody, it's "C".  I can't believe that I am the first to post today.  So it was burger time today and 5 Guys was the destination.  Ordered the bacon burger and loaded it up with almost everything.  Grabbed some FREE peanuts with hopes of dumping all the shells on the floor.  We were fairly early for lunch and the floor was still really clean.  I would have felt guilty being the first to mess up the floor.  So back to the burger! YOWZA! Great as usual.  I love how they put your burger and fries in the bag and then dump more fries on top.  Had a root beer with lemon.  First time I've tried that.  It was surprisingly tasty.  Well I can't believe I at the whole thing,  ok actually I can, and it was gooood.  Not the cheapest burgers in town, but probably the most satisfying.  I wasn't hungry till supper time.  That's good for me.  Great food, good fun! "C"

I've been looking forward to trying out "Five Guys" ever since I heard they were coming to town. I had high expectations and overall they were met. I love my burgers so juicy they run down to my elbows when I eat them and this is what I got. I had it loaded so full I could hardly open my mouth wide enough to take a bite. (but don't worry, I did just fine) We placed our orders and had only a short wait. I was amazed that my brown paper bag was right full when I picked it up. The burger was juicy and had good flavor. My bun was a little soggy but maybe thats because I like to put so much on it. It made it a little hard to hold but that meant there was more to lick off my fingers. They definitely didn't cheap out on the fries, there was tons of them. They were a bit soggy which disappointed me, but once I bathed them in ketchup I was able to get them down. If you are looking for a good burger experience you've got to try out "Five Guys". Not the cheapest in town but pretty darn good burgers.  "J"

Well, as the team already mentioned, it was time to try "Five Guys" I ordered a bacon burger, I was surprised how huge the burgers are. It was so good. I'm always up for a good burger. I love the way you order and I thought the place itself was cool. I found my burger was a little messy, but I'm sure these burgers are supposed to be like that a bit. There was for sure enough fries to go around. Wash it all down with a "Coke Zero" and you have yourself a dang good lunch. I'm sure I'll be back. Thanks "Five Guys" for the awesome lunch.

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