Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Saigonese 1210 Mayor Magrath Drive S.

Life is so good I can't believe it. The weather is warm, the sun is shining and we found another Vietnamese restaurant. Have I ever said how much I love to eat vietnamese food? Some how The Saigonese restaurant slipped under our radar, but it didn't get far. We attacked with a flurry today, in fact we attacked so fast and hard that we finished all our food before the camera could even snap a picture. Check it out. I ordered "Bun" today not just because it's my favorite but also so I could make a comparison with the other restaurants. And so do you know what I discovered?? I love Vietnamese food no matter where you eat it, it's great everywhere. Each has something a little bit different but they are all good. Here at the Saigonese the charbroiled pork is not in slices but in littler pieces that taste like they have been marinated in something that also gives it an orange color. It was good but the best part was because the pieces were small they seemed to last to the very last bite. I liked that very much. Overall I was very pleased. Good food, fast and friendly service, and within our $10 budget. I'll definitely be back "J"

Well the last time I blogged about Vietnamese I said "We've tried all the Vietnamese in town" I forgot about The Saigonese. I liked it. It was different than the other places in town. I ordered "bun" which I'm used to. I was surprised how each place in Lethbridge differs from eachother. I thought this place wasn't bad. I'm not able to say its the best Vietnamese in town but it was good. I'm serious when I say "Vietnamese is my favorite food these days" I didn't think their charbroiled pork was as good as some others I've had. We ate it up in just a few minutes. I think the other "Nomads" like Vietnamese as much as I do. Thanks for the good lunch, I'm sure I'll be back

Hey it's 'C'. The Saigonese happens to my personal favorite for Vietnamese food. As per usual it hit the mark with glorious flavor, and every morsel was as a delectable peice of heaven. When I die I want 'bun' for my pearly gate meal. Hey Saigonese, you have nice bun. 'C'

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