Thursday, 25 August 2011

Henry's Restaurant 531-13 Street N.

Back in July, Sarah27 recommended that we try out Henry's because their dry ribs "are so addicting" and so today we gave them a try. "M" is off on vacation but we got two other guys to join us. Well, Sarah27 was right, the ribs were pretty good darn good. The rest of the lunch special was hot and fresh, a little different from the buffet food we usually eat. I am learning from this project that Chinese food has a slightly different flavor at each restaurant. I guess it only makes sense, but I never really thought about it before. I have always loved Chinese food and have my favorite places to eat it, so when I go somewhere else and it tastes different I find it hard to like it. The food here was good, just not what my taste-buds prefer. It was fresh and plentiful, two definite requirements for Chinese food, and the chicken balls had light breading on them which made me happy. My biggest let down was the chow mien. To me it was quite tasteless, but fortunately they had chili paste which can make even the worst chow mien taste better. Henry's has been around for awhile so others must like the food here. For me it wasn't a bad lunch just not a great one. You'll have to try it out for yourself.  "J"

Hey everyone it's "C"!  I disagree with "J" regarding the chow mien, I agree about the dry ribs, and agree with the pineapple chicken. Perhaps in his maturing years "J" is not only losing memory, but taste buds too.  LOL.  I enjoy the different flavors you find from different restaurants.  -[Side note:]  I have eaten a lot of interesting food from a lot of countries.  I have eaten whole entire fishes, some dried and smoked, and others just boiled up in a soup.  (I liked the eyes).  I have even eaten the famous prairie oysters.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that my expectation for the flavor of foods is quite broad.  I am patient with my palate.  I had the dry 'garlic' ribs.  WOW!!! Thank You Sarah27 for your recommendation.  Everything was great.  When I was young my parents would take us to Henry's for special occasions.  It was always good then, and it was very good this time.  If there is anything I could suggest, it would be to redecorate.  Replace those 30 years old carpets and spruce the place up a little. "C"

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  1. They actually did spruce up the place it actually is a huge improvement! And I agree about the dry ribs I defiantly think they are the best in town