Thursday, 11 August 2011

Coops 3205 8th Ave. North.

Today we decided it was a place called "Coops" Where is that? Never heard of it. We hopped in the car and went up to the industrial side of town. We parked, and walked around the building, found the door, and here is a little restaurant. I ordered a "Beef Dip" with Onion Rings. It was dang good. We find it's amazing how these little places you've never heard of are quite good. I think the other "Nomads" were pleased with what they ordered also. I thought the price was good. I was so full when I finished and my lunch was under $10.00. Awesome. It's a little out of the way for me, so I don't know that I'll rush right back, but it was a good lunch. Give it a try sometime.

Today was a great little find. When we randomly made the choice to eat at Coops today we weren't quite sure we wanted to follow thru with it. In fact there was even some wining about "going where I want to" BUT we were all very surprised and pleased. It didn't look like much of a place from the outside, the inside was much better. It was nice and clean and we felt welcome. The menu had a real variety of food and so we each chose something different. I decided on a pizza and it was great! Great flavor, crunchy crust, I made a good choice. I know that this place is hidden in the industrial area of the city but it is worth the drive and the food was great."J"

Wow, interesting place!  It's amazing what you find when you're not looking for it.  I really fought going here, cuz I had no clue that such a gem existed in the armpit of the industrial park in Lethbridge.  After we found the place we ended up walking around the place looking for the door.  I guess I walked right on by and didn't notice it.  Inside was a typical greasy spoon decor but in much better shape than other small out of the way places that we've seen.  So anyways, I was very impressed with the menu.  What a great selection.  I decided to have the Steak Sandwich.  Well alrighty then! (Insert Jim Carrey voice here).  Honestly one of the best Steak Sandwiches I've consumed.  Normally you get a fatty slab of Grissely meat that requires further butchering and trimming, and you end up inevitably with a couple pieces of meat, but not here.  It was a tasty, cooked to perfection, sumptuous morsel of beef.  The toasted bread was served as a side and I really liked that cuz I really just wanted to eat the steak.  My lunch was served with a choice of soup or salad and I chose the soup.  Cream of Broccoli, mmmmm!  It also had steamed vegetables and onion rings.  Great Lunch!  Only open for the lunch crowd, but definitely worth the commute.  "C"

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  1. I work at Purolator across the street from Coops. It has recently changed names/owners, but is still good food by all accounts!!