Thursday, 1 September 2011

Namu Korean & Western Grill 1303 Mayor Magrath Drive S. Lethbridge

Well, We waited for Namu to open and this was the week to try it. I ordered the "Spicy Pork Box" it came with a "bean sprout" salad, a regular lettuce salad, a couple of dumplings (similar to gyoza) The "spicy pork",  rice, some "radish beef" soup. Well, todays choice was ok. I will come back to try to the "Korean BBQ" I won't order a lunch special again, I actually wasn't crazy about it. I ate everything and it wasn't bad, let's just say that. I have to be honest and say "I wasn't blown away".  I think I just chose the wrong lunch special for me today. I've heard Korean BBQ is really good. The restaurant itself was nice. The staff was friendly--the price wasn't bad either for a lunch special. Its been about 9 hours since lunch and I still have the worst "garlic breath" I've ever had. I can actually taste it. Anyways, I guess todays choice wasn't too too bad, but I would like to change what I'd ordered. There's always next time. Thanks Namu!

We've been watching for the opening of this new restaurant and finally were able to get here for lunch. Others in Lethbridge must have been looking for a new place to eat also because within a few minutes of our arrival it got quite busy. That's always a good sign. I've heard a lot about Korean BBQ and was happy we chose to eat here. I ordered a lunch box special with chicken. It came with soup, salad, rice, a couple of dumplings like Gyoza and of course the meat. The soup was a surprise! Radish/beef soup. I've never heard of cooking with radishes before. It was different and it was good. I think I might have to develop a taste for this before I really love it. The rest of the meal was quite tasty. I really liked the dumplings. Like I said they were just like gyoza but crispy. MMM very good! The flavor of the chicken was good and as a whole all the flavors made a nice meal. It was a good change from other lunches we have had. My only complaint is that the box lunch did not fill me up. By 3 o'clock I was going around the office begging for food. I will definitely come back, but I will try something a little more substantial. Give it a try and let us know what you think. “J”

When I grew up in Lethbridge I remember when the Heidelberg Inn was built.  Recently Ramada has purchased this hotel and opened a new restaurant.  We saw the sign a couple of weeks before it was actually open, so we knew that we would be adding this one to our plastic bowl full of restaurants written on pieces of paper. We usually draw randomly.  However sometimes we stack the deck and just go wherever we feel like.  So on our radar today was Namu.  So we order our food and submit ourselves to some meaningless chit chat and all of a sudden 'BOOMBAM', out comes some soup.  When I first saw it I thought, hmmm, didn't know they served Miso soup in Korea.  Then we were told it was Radish/Beef Soup.  I LOVE RADISHES.  I used to eat radish sandwiches when I was a kid.  This soup was really good.  What a nice change.  I ordered the ribs.  I really liked the flavor but next time I will order the BBQ beef.  I like a little more meat than were on the ribs.   I was impressed with the amount of food that came with the lunch box special.  I wasn't hungry when we left.  It seemed like the lunch special didn't want to offend vegetarians or meat lovers.  There was plenty of both.  3 different types of salad, rice, dumplings, and the meat.  I really enjoyed our lunch here at Namu.  However I felt like I should have been at Sea World or something.  I'm sure the name of the restaurant means something in Korean.  It is a little too close to sounding like Shamu.  Where's the trainer dude?  Does the server splash us with water?  Can I throw Namu a fish?  Anyways, I hope people will make this place stay.  I find that when a restaurant is located in a Hotel that there is a lot of turn over.  So peoples, go eat at Namu! How do you say Bon appetit in Korean? "C"
PS.  "M" is a winer. :-D


  1. Keep the reviews coming!

    We need more interesting places to eat in this city. Thanks for the 3 opinions.

  2. Namu means tree in korean and i have no idea why the restaurant's named "the tree"

  3. Thanks for visiting us! We were all excited to read your comments and hope that maybe you will come back to try our dinner menu!

    Our reason for naming the restaurant "Namu" is because Korea has a long history of agriculture and close ties to nature and has many trees and forests, therefore we thought Namu was a good representation of the country. Also, Namu is pretty easy to pronounce compared to other Korean words :)

  4. We had lunch at Namu today with our two kids. We had lunch boxes (like the blog author) but we both really liked it! The kids shared some Udon soup. We all had dumplings as an appetizer.

    The decor and atmosphere were both nice as well. It was quite cold in the restaurant when we arrived. I think there was some issue with the heater as there seemed to be some workers there. By the time we were done it was quite comfortable.

    The prices were very reasonable and we are looking forward to going back to Namu!

  5. To C:

    잘 먹겠습니다
    Jal mokkesumnida
    "I will eat well."


  6. Are there vegetarian meals at this restaurant?

  7. My husband and I will definitely be returning to this restaurant frequently! "Namu" has the cleanest,most pleasantly decorated atmosphere! The staff and owner, are so pleasant! The food is tasty,beautifully prepared and served neatly within a timely manner!The prices are also very reasonable and perfect for a special dinning occasion.

  8. Just had dinner tonight at Namu with my mom. My parents lived in Hawaii for many years & had Korean friends that cooked Korean beef so when Namu opened she had to try it. Well have to say we enjoyed every mouthful! Just wonderful! We will be back! The staff were so friendly! Thanks again...keep up the great work! "C"

  9. Nadine et Daniel23 July 2012 at 12:38

    Nous avons tellement apprécié les mets et le service que nous y sommes retourné 2 fois lors de notre court passage à Lethbridge. Un gros bravo à toute l'équipe et encore un gros merci à la charmante Madison!