Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cotton Blossom Lounge 320 Scenic Drive South -Lethbridge Lodge

I thought today's choice was good. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was happy. The food tasted really good. I really liked the sea food salad and the pasta salad. Such a nice change to have something a little lighter for lunch. $9.95 for the buffet Monday-Friday, which I thought was a good price because it includes dessert and everything. I didn't even know this place was here until today. Thanks for the great lunch. "M"

Todays lunch was pretty good. The food was good & fresh and the price was right. Unfortunately I felt like we had gone to eat at a restaurant with only one item on the menu. Buffet meals always appeal to me because of the selection (unlike "C" who goes for the volume) but unfortunately today was a different story. The buffet had soup, broccoli & cheese, which was so good I came back for more. Then there was a choice of three different salads, all very tasty. Then there was only one entre, a stir fry, which was also very good but it was the only choice. Big disappointment. The desserts were also great, something we normally don't get with our lunch. Overall I went away full and the food was very good, but a little more selection would have made it a great choice.   "J"

Nice change today. It was a real treat to have a non-fast-food lunch. What a nice selection of food today. I love asparagus and today it was most amazing. Soup to start was a broccoli and cheese but not over cheesy. Most B&C soups taste like velveeta, and I think velveeta is disgusting. The salads were very tasty, especially the seafood salad. I really enjoyed the stirfry. I thought it was great! So what if it was the only entre. As usual I ate till I felt like stopping and I definitely didn't leave there hungry. Did I mention the asparagus? Mmmmmm! 'C'

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  1. I used to eat frequently at the CB, but have not done so for a while, as the selection has declined, and to a lesser extent, the quality. As costs rose, the Lodge appears to have taken the route of decreasing selection and quality rather than increasing the price. Too bad. Eons ago, Anton's used to have a good weekday buffet. Then it moved to the CB, and declined. Anton's Sunday brunch also used to be excellent, but has similarly declined. It is easy to get into a downward spiral where the food declines, fewer people come, the food declines further, and so on. So sad.