Thursday, 6 October 2011

Regent Restaurant 1255 3rd Avenue South

Today was a cold and rainy day, and so when the time came to decide on where to eat the decision was based on what would warm us up and bring us the comfort we needed. It was a no brainer!! Chinese food!! BUT was there another restaurant we had not been to yet? Of course there was, The Regent. One of my favorites places for chinese food. And so we went. As usual it was busy, but that's a good sign, the buffet line was already past the serving table. I hadn't even started loading my plate yet and I was already getting excited. The buffet here must have at least 12 items on it, and before I got half way my plate was full. Fortunately, I'm not averse to stacking my food (a talent I learned years ago in a buffet line) and so I started on the second layer. By the time I sat down I was surprised at how much food I had put on my plate. (you got to remember I'm just a little guy) Well, I knew I would have to get it all in before my stomach realized it was stuffed, and I think I succeeded because I was even tempted to go back for more. In the minute it took to think about it my stomach crashed and told me it was time to stop. I guess I'll live to eat another day. As you can tell I'm still excited about eating chinese. This is a pretty good buffet, good thing it's not close to work or I would be a big guy. "J

Well folks it's 'C'. Yes I agree that the Regent has a great selection and variety. However, I really wasn't overly excited bout the lunch. Nothing to write home about anyways. Was it good? Yes. Was it really good? No. It was average in flavor and I am still looking for the mind blowing taste bud enialating Chinese food experience. Maybe it's not in Lethbridge!?! I thought it was hilarious that 'M' had to smuggle in his own hot sauce. I almost died it was so funny. Filled my plate so high that stuff was falling off. Ate it all gone like a good lunch nomad and was satisfied. Chinese food always makes me smile and today was average but not fantastic. Definitely worth the price but please someone turn us onto the next level of chinese food. Where is it? 'C'

Well, I can't turn down Chinese Food. I love it. There is one thing I don't like about The Regent. They don't have very good "Hot Sauce" So this is a picture of me "smuggling" in my own. Yes its in the pocket of my hoodie. I was very discreet about it though. I didn't do it for show I did it out of necessity! he food was good. The selection was great. The Regent is usually full of people, which is a good sign. Of course today I left full and I have no complaints. I don't like to eat until I'm "stuffed" so I held off a tiny bit today. Although I did get a good size plate of food down, loaded with Sriracha of course. How can we not be happy on a Chinese Food day? Even if it was a lousy cold day. "M"


  1. Great service you guys are providing! Looking over your blog I learned of some interesting restaurants I wasn't familiar with. It would be nice if the local Chinese restaurants got over the sweet & sour chicken balls thing, and started cooking some actual Chinese food. But still, over the last several years, the restaurant situation has improved significantly in town. Nice to see the new Korean grill. Check out the Ethiopian place sometime. I had some beef tartare there that was excellent. (I've got to say though, guys, a $10 limit is a little cheap. Good food costs real money!)

  2. I have to agree with "C", The Regent is just a "C." Then again, I have yet to find Chinese food in Lethbridge that rates any higher. Why is it that every Chinese food restaurant tastes the exact same? I have a suspicion that the food arrives pre-made and frozen and the resto just pops it in the deep fryer. Anyway, nice review. Love that M smuggled in some Rooster sauce. :)

  3. You guys should do a post on "dim-sum" at the Regent...I'm curious!