Thursday, 27 October 2011

O-Sho Japanese Restaurant 311 4th Street South

Today's lunch choice was awesome. Thanks for the comment Jeff, it was awesome going to sushi places 3 weeks in a row. I loved it. I'm not even sure which one I would say is the "best" They all have their unique differences. I guess I would say still the highest quality sushi was lighthouse. O-Sho was fantastic today as well. I ordered the "assorted sushi" I thought it tasted good, looked good and was a good price. I don't even know what else to say other than the Japanese food in Lethbridge is all dang good. Isn't there a new "all you can eat" place opening?  If so they better get ready for the "Nomads".  You can't really go wrong no matter where you go for sushi around here.

Unfortunately I missed lunch last week but I was here to complete the sushi triad today. Osho has always been "the" place for sushi in Lethbridge, but I agree with "M" that it is getting a run for it's money by the other sushi restaurants.  Like most things personal preference plays a big part, just read some of my past posts about chinese food, and so it is difficult to rate the sushi in Lethbridge. All I know is Osho makes a spicy tuna roll with a solid piece of tuna and that is how I like it. That makes me very happy.   "J"

Alrighty then!  One of our faithful blog followers asked us to complete what he referred to as 'the sushi triad'.  I like to make people happy for the most part so we obliged him by going to O'Sho today.  However I really want to drop the word 'triad' and replace it with one of the greatest words on planet earth - 'Trifecta'.  So I ordered the Lunch special C with Chicken Katsu and Beef Teryaki.  Mmmmmmm.  I used to eat here at least twice a month, so I know the menu.  I also had the spicy tuna roll 6 piece (or 5 as the picture shows cause I couldn't wait!)  I was sooo hungry that my stomach was thinking that my throat was cut.  I really like the entrees from O'Sho.  They are consistent and filling.  However I have to say that sushi has become such a trendy food that there are some other places that are battling with O'sho for the best sushi in town.  I always leave O'Sho with a smile on my face.  The lunch specials here are well worth the money.  The portion size is good and the quality is top notch.  I love the Beef Butteryaki.  Oh man, I want some.  I love food.  I love thinking about food.  I love eating food.  I love thinking about eating food.  I will definitely be in a GFM (Good Food Mood) the rest of the day.  Keep smilin', and oh.......I think you have some broccoli stuck in your teeth.  "BA" aka "C".


  1. hi okay guys,
    so what was your favorite sushi restaurant out of the 3??? based on taste.

  2. Jenn
    For me, it was Lighthouse. I even get the idea the other "Nomads" like it the best too. There is just something about it that's a step or two above the rest. "M"

  3. Jenn,
    This is 'C'. I would have to say that most of the sushi in Lethbridge is OK, but if you want the best then it has to be the Lighthouse. Hands down the best quality and flav. Thanks for your continued enthusiasm for our blog. Eat well and Bon apetit.