Thursday, 3 November 2011

Chelsea Cafe 511-4th Avenue S.

Well will miracles never cease? 'BA' aka 'C' is the first to post this week.  Yahoo!  So we decided today to check out Chelsea Cafe in the downtown area.  The special was meatloaf and red skin potatoes in a gravy sauce.  It looked so good, I could hardly wait to sink my teeth into it.  However, we didn't get that.  They were sold out by 12:05.  What up Lethbridge?  You can't jake the nomads out of the lunch special.  I guess it was good though cause every single patron in there was having it.  The gentleman just ahead of me got the last piece. So then my stomach and brain had to make a hard right turn and decide on something else to try.  They had a really awesome menu, so I power perused it and ordered the Butter Chicken.  I was feeling rather peckish so I kindly told my server how hungry I was and she literally piled the food on.  I'm sure that it was the regular amount, but it made me feel like they cared. LOL.  The Butter Chicken was really good.  It wasn't too powerful, kinda mild actually but it was very tasty.  It made me the happiest person sitting in my chair.  It was a lot of food and of course I finished it, but I was definitely full.  Then low and behold 'J' asked if I wanted to finish his.  Being pretty much a human garburator I agreed.  We can't have any good food going to waste can we?  Well I guess it went to my waist.  I hope that all yous peoples out there in nomad land keep places like this around.  So go there!  Now! Drop what you're doing and go! I mean it! 'BA' aka 'C'

Today was an interesting experience. I'm not quite sure why I feel that way. The food was good and we got served relatively quickly and everyone there was very friendly, but for some reason I went away today feeling unsatisfied. Not hungry, because I was full on the rotisserie chicken and potatoes I ate for lunch. In fact it was probably the best chicken I have had in a long time, very moist and tender. The potatoes were a little on the cool side and I didn't love the herb seasoning on them, but they were fine. Maybe it was the lack of seating (they did explain why so few seats) maybe it was the cafeteria style service, maybe it was a lunch special that was gone by 12:05, I'm not sure what it was. It was clean, friendly and the food was good, and it was busy which is always a good sign. So why I felt unsatisfied is an unknown. Maybe it was just me today. I'll just have to come back and give it a second try.  "J"

Ya I thought today's choice was good. It was nice to try something different. We've really set out to find these little places that you might not think to go to. The food was good, I have no complaints. I ordered fried chicken which came with the potato wedges. To this day I'm still talking about how awesome "Los Del Cid" and "Taj" were. Chelsea Cafe was a nice little place, we got a good lunch for a good price. In three weeks from now I doubt I'll be saying " Hey "C", remember the food at Chelsea cafe?" However,  I hope this place does well and sticks around because I liked it. "M"

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