Thursday, 10 November 2011

Imperial China 1903 3 Ave south

Today we decided to go to Imperial China. We were all hungry by noon and it sounded like a good idea. There is a better selection here than at some other Chinese restaurants in town. I thought the food today was ok. It wasn't my absolute favorite place to eat, but it wasn't bad. Is there some amazing Chinese food out there? Ive found that most of the Chinese in Lethbridge is some-what similar. Imperial China has some fruit and things for dessert which is nice. The food was just so-so for me today but I didn't leave hungry.

Imperial China is one of the many chinese restaurants in town that I don't go to very often. I guess I'm going to sound like a real snob because it's not because of the food, it's just the condition of the restaurant in general. Now I must admit today everything seemed a little better. I don't know if they have done some renos or put down new carpet, but it appeared a little nicer than the last time I ate here. This obviously isn't as much of a concern to other people because by the time we got here the place was very busy. As far as the food goes, I thought it was pretty good. The buffet line has quite a few items on it, including fresh fruit and salad. I had no problem filling my plate even tho'  some of the items were empty and needed refilling. So for my 10 bucks I thought it was a good pick today.    "J"

So much little time!
Well I have to say that today's visit to Imperial China was probably the best its ever been.  I agree that as lunch nomads we are still looking for that mind blowing experience with Chinese cuisine.    I know we will find it somewhere.  At least they had Chili paste!  As far as today goes, it was really quite good.  Better selection than most others, and everything was really fresh and hot.  It was like it wasn't even a buffet.  My appetite was very satisfied today.  Or as my Mom used to say.  My sufficiency was suffonsified.  I have no clue how to spell that.  I don't even really know what it means other than 'it was good'.  I still feel that most places are the same.  I think that we have really Westernized Chinese food.  Perhaps a trip to China is in my future.  The staff were very friendly and the service was above par.  I would have to say that it left me in a 'GFM'.  (See previous posts for meaning).  Be well and eat tons.  "BA" aka "C" (again - see past posts)


  1. "C" try chili paste, not Chile paste.

  2. I'm sure Chile has some nice paste, but I did mean chili. Gotta hate auto correct!

  3. I remember growing up and Lethbridge tourism offered a package deal of shopping and lodging discounts and meals at "fantastic Chinese food restaurants". Well it seems that over the years the quality of Chinese food has dropped off. Thank goodness other Asian cuisines have filled the void.

  4. Agree with 'anonymous' - the Vietnamese restaurant on 13th is excellent.

  5. Went by Imperial for dinner and ad I pulled up a SUV pulled up and parked in one of the newly painted handycapped spots. I got out and a 20ish able bodied male got out of the SUV, I commented on his parking, he told me he was with the managment and I should just F off. Nice, just nice. When I went inside Yeh owner also was very clear on his position...but not as much colorful language. I Truely hope all who read this will refrain from frequenting this establishment.