Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lighthouse 708 3rd Avenue South

"J" is away this week and we love Sushi so today we decided to go to Lighthouse. Remember how I said I thought Dono Sushi was so awesome? Well it was, but Lighthouse was just so amazing. The Sushi here is so so good. We both had a Donburi and a "Spicy Tuna Roll" WOW, I seriously think its the best Sushi place in Lethbridge. This meal came to about $17 each but well worth it. I think if I want to spend a little less I'd go to "Dono", but Lighthouse is the better quality Sushi. I loved it.  I actually ate my Donburi without Sriracha. It had a really nice flavor and I left today quite full. It's a little more than I'm used to spending for lunch but again, worth it. Thanks Lighthouse for a great lunch we both left quite happy with our choice. "M"

See how amazing I am at using my chopsticks!  "M" had better be careful when he is taking pictures or he may inadvertantley reveal our identity.  This is MI-5 secret stuff.  Good thing the picture is reversed or you might think that I am actually left handed.  Well enough guilding the lily.  On to the meat of the post.  If you are looking for a nice, clean, modern, friendly, fast, amazing.......;is that enough adjectives for ya?(Cause I could still use more if you like), place to eat Japanese cuisine then look no further than the Lighthouse.  Conveniently located on 3rd ave downtown.  We actually walked there!  Now I can't tell you how long it took us or we might have to go into hiding.  Lets just say that we are within 1-10 blocks of the Lighthouse.   I have to name this place is the 'King of Sushi'.  Ai-carumba!  It was so good I wish I was eating it right now.  Spicy tuna roll dreams tonight. And ooohhhh yeeeaaah them are good dreams.  Heck with sugar plumbs, give me spicy tuna.  I think I could eat Japanese every day of my sad existence and remain more than happy.  Both "M" and I had the spicy tuna roll and a donburi.  Very fine tasting and highly recommended.  The service is amazingly fast here and we were in and out (Great Burgers by the by) before we knew it.  This place knows how to "Sushi".  See I've created another verb.  You may all now use it free of charge.  I love Sushi so much that I wish I knew how to Sushi.  Now I've used it in a sentence I shouldn't forget the newest word in my own vocabulary.  And with no further Ado.  I bid you farewell till next week.  What do ya think?  Time for O' Sho? "BA" previously known as "C".

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  1. You definitely need to go to Osho's now to complete the Sushi triad! I'm interested to see how you rate that one compared to the others!