Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dono Sushi 1009 Mayor Magrath Drive

I've driven past Dono Sushi many times but never stopped to try it out. We were talking about sushi this morning so it was kinda weird that we drew Dono to eat at today. I was really surprised once we walked in the restaurant and saw how big it was and most tables were at a private booth. From the outside I always thought it would be really small inside. The menu was quite large, meaning it had a lot of items in it. I was impressed. I decided to try something I was familiar with so I could make a fair comparison with other sushi I have eaten in Lethbridge. I ordered a chicken bowl and a spicy tuna roll. They brought us all miso soup to start, which was great because I was really hungry and that held me until the food came. The chicken bowl was very good. It had a grilled chicken breast on top of rice, bean sprouts and a few veggies with a teryaki sauce. It was a little smaller than I am used to but the soup made up for it. The spicy tuna roll was a little disappointing. The flavor and everything was good but I am used to eating this roll with a solid piece of tuna inside the roll. This is so nice because the butter soft tuna and the other ingredients make such a wonderful combination of textures. It really is my favorite roll. Unfortunately here at Dono, like other sushi restaurants I have tried, the tuna was chopped and mixed with spices and other ingredients. Like I said the flavor was fine but I really missed that piece of tuna in the roll. That's just my preference. Don't get me wrong! I was impressed with this place, in fact I went home and told my wife about it and now she wants to go. So I will definitely be back.    "J"

I thought todays choice was awesome. The lunch specials were a really good deal. I had an assortment of Maki rolls. It was around $12. I was so full when I left, it seemed like I got so much food for the money, to compare I would say the amount of sushi would be at least $25 anywhere else. The only thing I didn't like was my Tuna roll had chopped up tuna and I didn't like the texture but the flavor was so dang good. I love sushi and I was very impressed with the restaurant. It took a little while to get the food but it was worth the wait in my opinion. Thanks Dono Sushi for a good lunch. It was great to finally try it out. Rumor has it we might be trying another Sushi place next week!!!

Well well well.  Interesting little find today.  I've heard of this place lots but never been here.  This is like a massive hole-in-the-wall kinda place.  When I first walked through the door I saw a few tables and thought that was it.  Well as Gomer Pile used to say.....Surprise, surprise, surprise! *insert southern drawl here*.  This place kept going and going.  We walked to the sushi bar, hung a hard right and double back through what seemed to be the lost catacombs of Dono.  We were finally escorted to our table and given our menus.  Usually we try to eat something off the lunch menu.  Hence the name 'LethbridgeLUNCHnomads'.  So I went ahead and ordered the lunch box 'c'.  Nice variety but I really need to stop ordering the lunch box specials.  There's not near enuf food in them for me.  'M' had this massive plate of sushi and I was almost ready to put a lunch time hit out on his food.  Or as Vissini pulled on Wesley in "The Princess Bride", "what in the world can that be", and then see if he noticed that I switched lunches with him.  Anyways the food was ok.  Worth the price, but the quantity was a little lacking for BA.  No that's not BA from the A Team, aka Mr. T.  It stands for Big Appetite!  I think I just gave myself a new nickname.  Cool!  It was a really busy day there and they seemed to be short staffed, so the order took a while and the service was a little scarce but I understood.  We did go over our lunch hour though.  Well I would go back and try something else, but not right away.  There are plenty of other places that I need to chow down on first.  It would be nice if there was a little more separation from the kitchen where we were seated.  I don't like seeing the drama unfold right before my eyes.  Take care now, bye bye then! "C" aka "BA"


  1. This is my favourite sushi place in town.

  2. Sooooo much better than the all you can eat sushi place down the road.

    Love Dono!! Best sushi place in town!