Thursday, 23 June 2011

Spring Rolls 321 13 Street North

Well....Vietnamese again. We have now tried all 3 places in Lethbridge aaaand.....We still LOVE Vietnamese. All 3 are very good. Today I ordered some Rice Noodles with Lemon Grass Beef.  I've learned that hot rice noodles with Beef, Chicken, Pork and such that have cold lettuce and veggies is called "BUN" I'd never tried anything with Lemon Grass. It was delicious. I purposely ordered a "salad roll" to compare it to the other places in town.  The salad roll was "so-so". My lemon grass beef rice noodle bowl...Great. It was just different enough from other Vietnamese I've had.  The peanut sauce for example was different also my lemon grass beef had crushed peanuts on top. I loaded it with Sriracha and it was so good. Thank you "Spring Rolls" for a great lunch. We were Happy with our choice. I thought the portion size was great, prices were comparable to the rest we've had. No complaints. It's hard to go wrong with Vietnamese.  "M"

I was so happy to find out there was another Vietnamese restaurant in Lethbridge. I wanted to make a fair comparison so I ordered something that was familiar, "Bun". Lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts topped with rice vermicelli, topped with charbroiled pork and eggrolls. Of course I added the fish sauce, sriracha and hoisin sauce. I was pleased because the food was good, the retaurant was nice and clean, and the food came relatively quickly. We knew we weren't the only ones that liked this place because by 12:15 the restaurant was full. A good sign of a good restaurant. I'm sure I'll be back.    "J"


  1. You guys really need to order the more 'Chinese' food. This is by far the best Chinese restaurant in Lethbridge. Probably the only place that would survive in Vancouver, which puts it in high standing.

    I love the Shanghai Noodles, possibly on the little side menu now. Szechuan noodles are also great.

    But the best dish, the one that I've tried for years to make at home, is the homemade spicy pork noodle (On the flipcard menu at the side of the tables). Take the sauce in the smaller bowl and pour it in the larger bowl. Seems obvious but many don't. Don't ask for really spicy unless you can take a lot of heat. I eat habaneros and this was almost too much, the slow heat. Ask for 1 or 2 for hotness.

    If this dish doesn't make you feel like you are eating someone's version of comfort food, I don't think you really like Chinese food.

    #50 is a good dish for almost everyone and for go sakes, order the spring rolls. It's named so for a reason.

  2. Thanks for the info Tyler,
    we'll definitely go back and try out the chinese.

  3. This is my favourite place.
    I will defiantly have to venture out more cause I always get the same dishes.