Thursday, 26 May 2011

Parsa Restaurant - Taste of Afghanistan - 309 7th Street South

This new restaurant just opened on May 23 and I was looking forward to trying it out. I stopped by last week and was told to make sure I try the Afghan rice, so I did.  I ordered the Quabulie Palaw and was not disappointed, in fact I really liked it. It came with Afghan rice, containing slivered almonds, shredded carrots, and raisins. I am not a fan of cooked raisins but I wanted to try the dish, and I loved it. In fact the raisins were what made it so good. They added a little touch of sweetness to every bite. There was also a beef dish that tasted like it had a bit of curry in it, a plate of fresh vegetables and a couple pieces of a flat bread. I enjoyed every bite of this meal. Great flavors and use of spices. My flat bread was a little crunchy and the type style used on the menu made it a little hard to read, but otherwise I would recommend this restaurant to everyone.  The staff was very friendly and helpful to explain the dishes. The owner even came out to talk with us and thank us for coming. That was a nice touch. "M" was a little under the weather today and was disappointed that he missed this place, soooooo I'll gladly make the sacrifice and go with him another day. "J"

Hey everybody!  This was a nice little place to eat.  My stomach was in revolt already cause it was so empty, and when they brought out the meal at first, there was one little plate of food.  I almost started to cry, but then came another plate and another and yet another.  My frown was turned upside down and became a nice big grin from ear to ear.  The flavors were very distinct and pleasing to my palate.  What I thought would leave me painfully hungry was very satisfying and I was left not wanting.   We were given a bit of a cultural lesson on the differences of Afghan rice and seasonings.  What a great meal.  Every bite was pleasing and unique in a very good way.  The flat bread was hard and crunchy, but at the same time flavorful.  If you expect a naan bread, this stuff will be a shock.  However if you are expecting a crispy harder bread that could be used as a spoon for the meat and sauce, you'd be right on track. (maybe that's what it is used for ;-)).  In any case I look forward to "M" coming with us so we can go back there again.  Delish!! "C"

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