Friday, 13 May 2011

Thuan Hoa Vietnamese 1354 Mayor Magrath Dr.

More Vietnamese food, Yum, did I tell you it's my favorite? Oh! last week I said Mexican was my favorite, well, I guess I like them all. Anyway, I had a great lunch today Bun or Bahn however you can say it. Grilled chicken on rice vermicelli noodles with lettuce and a spring roll. I love to pour on the fish sauce and then soak it with hoisin and sriracha. Mmmmm makes me hungry again just thinking about it. What sets Thuan Hoa apart from the other vietnamese restaurants is that the lunch special includes a salad roll with a great peanut sauce. Squirt in a little sriracha and dip in the roll. Wow! All this for $8.35 couldn't get any better. Makes me wish I didn't have to eat at other places.  "J"

Vietnamese is my favorite food these days. I love it. Thaun Hoa was really really good. I ordered Pho to change things up a little. I love the lunch special, although I didn't order it this time around, you just can't beat getting a free salad roll. You really get a lot for you money, I left full and happy. You can't go wrong with Vietnamese in Lethbridge. The two we've tried are both good. I can't really say one is better than another, they are just different enough. Such a good lunch today, The Sriracha was my favorite part.

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