Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Mocha Cabana Cafe 317-4th St. S.

I was quite pleased with our lunch today. Today is "cinco de mayo" so of course the lunch special was Mexican, my favorite. OK, I know I say that about everything I eat, but it really is. Anyway, it was pretty darn good. The special was Tortilla soup, and a Ancho chile crusted hamburger patty toppped with goat cheese and a wonderful fresh salsa. This was the hi-lite of the meal. One of the best burgers I have had in a along time. You know, the kind that is so full and juicy that it runs down to your elbow. Don't let the goat cheese scare you off because that flavor complimented the others so well it wouldn't have been the same without it. It was great! The soup was just OK for me. I found it a little lacking in flavor compared to what I am used to for tortilla soup, but it was fine.  I almost bought one of their huge peanut butter cookies for dessert, but I looked across the table and saw "C"s belly and it gave me motivation to say no. Overall for 11 bucks I went back to work happy, full and will come back again.  "J"

First of all, you're right "J" that WAS motivation to skip dessert. It was almost enough to consider a salad next week. Dang! I thought I was early enough tonight to blog first. Thank you Mocha Cabana for an excellent lunch. Today I had the same special as "J". I ordered mine with Chips and Salsa (in honor of "Cinco de Mayo") (which I found out today from my friend in Mexico City, is actually more of an American Holiday to celebrate Mexican heritage) Anyways, back to Mocha Cabana. Food and Service both GOOD. What a good burger. I will have to come back to try something else on the menu to see what else is good.. I was happy with the price today. It was a big lunch, I went back to work full. Overall I was really happy with today's choice. It was a new experience in that I've never had a burger like that. Especially a burger with goat cheese. In fact, I think that's my first experience with goat cheese. Anyways, nice place, it was clean and the food and service were good too. "M"


  1. Just catching onto your Blog... Thanks for mention and checking out Mocha Cabana. Hope you will try us again in the future.

  2. What a great idea!! Thanks for posting. I see I have some catching up to do (previous posts)!!!