Thursday, 28 April 2011

Enjoy Gardens 1702 23 St N

Well, this was an unexpected stop today. We were actually expecting a different restaurant at this location, but it turned out to be Chinese. That's OK 'cause I love Chinese too. I think I say that about every type of food we eat. Anyway, Enjoy Gardens, what can I say. I wasn't expecting the highest quality food in the city and I was right. Mostly it was the same fair you get any other run of the mill Chinese restaurant. BUT then I saw the squid!!! Yes, salt and chili pepper squid!! I almost fell in love all over again. It was soooo good. In fact it was so good it made up for all the other dishes I had to eat. I might even come back again, for the squid!! Well, to tell you the truth I was also impressed with their Beef & Vegetables, and even with their Ginger Beef. It had lots of flavor and was fairly tender. I would like to say that the other dishes were forgettable, but I must admit today I discovered some new flavors used in Chinese food that I will never forget. (but I would like to)  "J"

Howdy Hi Friends and Neighbors, "C" here.  So as "J" said we were expecting a completely different restaurant when we showed up at this address.  Thanks Telus for your efficiency in publishing businesses that don't  exist where you say they do.  Anyways, there was no WOW factor here, but also no UNWOW factor.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that as far as Chinese food goes it was entirely acceptable cuisine.  The salt and chili pepper squid was really good and the beef and vegetable dish was also very delicious, however the chowmein was so salty it was barely edible.  The won ton soup had the most interestingly flavoured broth.  I'm not sure where my palate stands on the soup!?! All in all a surprise lunch feast and worth the money spent.  I like the buffet/smorg style lunches cause it allows one to choose and experiment with dishes that one might not regularly eat.  Plus as you're aware I like to eat a lot, so you can return and return till you're in a stupor.  Not recommended by any health professional but still an option.  Today's lunch stop was acceptable, mediocre in places, and amazing in others, so overall GOOD!
......I think! "C"

Ya I guess it was ok. True the squid was good, actually if I payed 8.75 just for the squid, it would have been worth it. Everything else was fine. It didn't end up being a bad lunch day. "M"

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