Friday, 8 April 2011

Baadshah 310-5 Street S.

Well, I'm not quite sure what to say. To be honest I was a little apprehensive to come here today. Maybe it was because I was so impressed with the other East Indian restaurant we visited. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. The food was good, the atmosphere light and open, and overall I went back to work satisfied and very full. My only comment about where to improve would be based on my lack of knowledge about east Indian food. It would have been really helpful to have more explanation about the foods and condiments. Most of the main dishes had labels but many of the side dishes were foreign to me. (HaHa get the joke? foreign) I did try some things but I may have experimented a bit more if I knew what it was. I guess that comes with more experience. As far as the price goes $12.99 is a little more than I like to pay for lunch, but it was a buffet, it was real good, and I went away full.  "J"

Sorry "J" that you are always the first to post. Ya I really liked this place. the food was good. I really liked the atmosphere as well. Our last East Indian place was nice too, but it wasn't as light and open. It's hard to compare the two. There were similarities and subtle differences. I actually think the food is a little better at Taj, but I'm not here to talk about Taj tonight. I can't remember all the things I tried, but I liked it. I really liked Baadshah's Naan Bread. It was so good. I had Lamb, butter chicken, something that was like a "deep fried mushroom" some other things that I really didn't know what I was eating. Sorry, I'm too much of a "Southern Alberta Farm Boy" to remember the names of these dishes. Also, some very interesting desserts. Such a good place. I loved it. Good experience. Good Choice this week. If anyone wants to try East Indian food in Lethbridge, you have a couple of choices that are both so good.


  1. Speaking from a person who eats Indian food almost every other day, I would have to say Baadshah is significantly better than the Taj. The Taj takes too many short cuts in preparing their meals, it cheapens the flavour in which has made Indian food famous.

  2. We have recently gotten hooked on the food and atmosphere at Baadshah!! Love it!! Since we ate here once about a month ago for dinner we have gone back every week for the lunch buffet. Never dissapointed and always leave so full!!