Saturday, 23 April 2011

Squish - Banff National Park

So my wife and I happened to be in Banff for the weekend. We decided to grab lunch at this little deli right on Banff Ave called SQUISH. Man was it good. Really Good. Nice place, clean, friendly and the sandwiches were amazing. I'm serious when I say "It was the best sandwich I've ever eaten." Also, I love Coke Zero, (which my wife would love it if i didn't...its not good for you) But... They have Old School glass Coke bottles. COOL! So I bought one. (Totally worth the $3) Awesome lunch, so Awesome in fact, that I HAD to blog about it. If you get a chance to visit Banff, try a sandwich from Squish. I loved it. (could have used some Sriracha though)  Also, if the other "Nomads" haven't experienced this one before, I wish they could have tried this place with me. Its one of my personal favorites."M"

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