Thursday, 14 April 2011

Song Thuan Vietnamese 243-13 St S.

OK, now this is Vietnamese food at it's best!!  We love to come here to eat. It's fast, tastes great and the price is perfect. Today I tried something different and ordered pho with rare beef slices. I was a little worried that a bowl of soup would not fill me up or hold me over until supper, but it did both. Pho is a wonderful beef broth with the flavors of cilantro and onions, then add the rice noodles, beef, green onion, a squirt of lime juice and if you like, some bean sprouts. Wow! it's a festival of flavors!! I like it. I can hardly wait to come back. "J"

"P" joined us today (that is a rare thing) He ordered fried chicken with shanghai noodles. He liked it. So did I.  I like everything here.

Today I tried something a little different. A 39 instead of a 33. Ok, not that much different but it was charbroiled chicken, and pork hash on rice noodles and such. DELISH...I love this place. I loaded it with Sriracha, Fish Sauce and That was the end of that. "J"'s Pho looked so good, I wanted to order the same thing but I eat Pho quite often. I have to say... Song Thuan is the Best Vietnamese in Lethbridge. Loved it. I will be back. My wife has noticed my garlic breath, but thats a minor downside. Really. Thanks for the awesome lunch. Very impressed as usual
"M"            #39 (don't ask me the Vietnamese Name)

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