Thursday, 31 March 2011

Round Street Cafe 427-5 Street S.

Well, if the busyness of a restaurant is an indication of how good it is then this must be a very good place. We arrived just after 12 noon and already the place was packed with a line up to the door. The line moved relatively fast so we could place our order. Round St. Cafe serves mostly sandwiches and wraps with soup and salad as a side add-on. Prices are consistent with what I like to pay for lunch. I had a huge turkey sandwich, loaded with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese and a side salad all for $10.  Again, I don't normally want to eat a sandwich when I go to a restaurant but this was pretty darn good. I was plenty full when I was finished. I really wanted to try the soup of the day, it was squash/potato, but I was too afraid of the squash. I'm a meatatarian after all, it's a personal choice.  Maybe next time, if someone else orders it and lets me try.  Anyway, if you like sandwiches for lunch you better get over here real early.    "J"

Round Street Cafe- I liked it! I'm sure it's been there for a few years it's just never been a place I'd heard of or thought to try. I ordered a Grilled Sandwich with Ham, Turkey, Cheese, Pickles...I think that's it. It was a good sandwich. The place was busy. Really Busy. While we were in line, I wasn't sure we'd find a place to sit by the time we got our food. I have no complaints, Good food. Good Service. Nice Staff. I'm not really a sandwich person, but it was fine. It could have used some Sriracha. I noticed on the menu they have "breakfast scones" I would really like to know what those are like. They sound good. Anyways. We did make a good choice this week.  Good Job Round Street Cafe, Thanks for the good lunch. "M"

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