Thursday, 17 March 2011

Boston Pizza

I know I know. Boring right? Everyone has been to BP's,  but you know what? We are Busy!!! So don't freak out at me and expect exciting new adventures week after week.  It's still Lethbridge no matter how you look at it. Anyways. BP's was Good. I had the 1/2 Brute with a salad. Good lunch combo. Really. There's not much else to say. It could have used some SRIRACHA sauce. Service was good too.  You can imagine what the Boston Brute would taste like with Sriracha right?  Oh Ya! Well... I'm sorry about the last 2 weeks. It would be nice if someone would give us a suggestion or something in advance. Its not easy being the LLN and trying to decide on a place. Seriously! Well....Thats it for this week. "M"

This place was my idea today! Our concern was time. It's close by and I thought that it would be nice and fast. Well today it was. I chose from the lunch menu and was really feeling like having the nooner pizza, but decided to go with the half brute instead.  As you all know I like to eat a lot so the name sold me. I also had the soup which today was broccoli.  I must say that I was satisfied with our lunch experience today.  BPs maybe doesn't sound like somewhere you'd want to go, but we were in and out of there in about .5 hr. More than adequate! I can't wait for nice warm summer days so we can walk to our destinations and maybe eat outside.  BPs has an outdoor section so maybe we'll try it again when it's warmer outside. "C"

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