Friday, 11 March 2011

New Dynasty

New Dynasty Restaurant     103-7 Street S.

What can I say. They twisted my arm and I went. Not that I don't like to eat here. In fact you'd have to use all you fingers and toes, no you'd have to use all the fingers and toes of everyone in your grade 8 class to count how many times I've eaten here. That may not even be enough. Hey! speaking of grade 8 what ever happened to...Oh sorry you probably don't remember her. Back to the restaurant, not the healthiest choice of meals but it sure tastes good. Is this the best Chinese buffet at lunchtime? Probably not but it's close to us and it's quick. The selection is limited but I like the flavours here and I always go away full. Sometimes way too full. "J"

True. We have eaten here a lot...The best part is the Sriracha sauce. I love that stuff. I eat Sriracha on Sriracha. This week wasn't too special, same old same old. Next week will be new and exciting. "M"

I guess the cat must have had "M's" tongue.  I've never heard him say so little!?! Ha Ha. This was our every Thursday blast from the past. Donnie and the Staff here all know us, and we have fun joking around with our servers. It had been a few months since we'd been here and as soon as we walked in it was ...."hey where have you guys been".  Its nice to know that we were missed.  Or maybe they just didn't have anyone to mock for a while? They probably saved money on the Chili Garlic sauce that we consume like water. Gotta love the chili garlic sauce! Whoever serves us knows that it better be on the table by the time we get there with our heaping plates of food. And it usually is! Well again, the New Dynasty is very close to our office, so it's fast and I always leave there too full.  The food here is always consistent and satisfying. Definitely a recommended place if you're on a time budget. "C"

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  1. Well....I am a visitor to LA on busimess. I read the commentary and took a chance to have lunch at Dynasty. Huge dissapointment. Three choices of entre, rice, hot sour soup, and eggs rolls. The quality of each was very low. The eggroll looled as thoigh it has been cooked in oil drained from a 1940 Willies Jeep, around the same year. Some kimd of cabage dish, veggies with beef, and the soup tasted like Campbells beef....aweful, dissappointing, dismal, cheap.