Friday, 18 March 2011

Palm Springs to Las Vegas

I'm not in Lethbridge this week so I'm happy to hear that "M & C" aren't starving to death. We've had a few interesting food experiences down here so I will tell you about some of them. We were told we had to eat at Shermans Deli in Palm Springs and so we tried it out. I think I know why so many Americans are obese. The portions they serve at many restaurants here are unbelievable. I had a corned beef sandwich that had to have had two inches of meat on it, my wifes Cobb salad filled a platter four inches deep and easily could have served two hungry people. We found the same at the Black Bear Diner at Lake Havasu City. We met up with my brother and his wife and I have never seen a meal stop him before. He had a "smaller portion" roast beef dinner and he couldn't finish it. There must have been three inches of beef on his plate beside a mountain of mashed potatos.

You can't come to the southwest states without eating mexican food, my favorite. We tried out La Michoacana in desert Hot Springs and it was fine. Not much to write home about and so I was looking forward to Las Vegas. Traditionally the place to eat Mexican in Vegas is Robertos, but when I was down here in November we discovered Zabas Mexican Grill. It's a little more commercial and fast foody than Robertos but I fell in love with their fish tacos.  I had to bring my wife to try it out. Of course you can't have Mexican without Cholula hot sauce. It's the best (with a Jack Black mexican accent) I will be back whenever I come to Vegas. BTW if you like fish tacos I have tried the ones they make at Moxies in Lethbridge and they are pretty darn good too.   "J"

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