Thursday, 26 January 2012

Spring Rolls 321-13 Street N.

Today was a return to Spring Rolls restaurant so we could follow up on a recommendation from "Tyler" who wrote "You guys really need to order the more 'Chinese' food. This is by far the best Chinese restaurant in Lethbridge. Probably the only place that would survive in Vancouver, which puts it in high standing." So off we went, just "M" and I again. We ordered the spicy pork noodles as recommended by Tyler and also Pad Thai (i know it's not chinese but it's what we wanted). When we asked if this would be enough food for both of us the server entertainingly told us he alone could eat it all, one of his friends once ate four orders of the spicy pork noodles, but this should be good for the two of us. We ordered it and had a bit of a chuckle. The food came fairly quickly and looked great. The spicy pork noodles had a really good spicy taste to them ( of course, what did I expect). Enough spice to give your mouth a bit of a tingle but not so much as to burn. The Pad Thai was a great compliment to the spicy pork with it's slightly mellower spices and touch of sweetness. I really enjoyed todays lunch, very savory and a nice change. My one complaint was that the Pad Thai was a little sticky. Kind of annoying but overall I was pleased with the choice to return to Spring Rolls.  "J"

It took us a long time to try this suggestion. I am really happy that we did. Spring rolls is not like any other Vietnamese place in town. I have never tried Chinese from this menu or Thai food like this before. J has already explained what we ordered and stuff so I'll just talk about the experience. I was pleasently surprised with our order. We split it up and down it went. I think we both liked what we ordered. The waiter said "Well I could eat both of these myself" and "My friend ate 4 bowls of Pho in one sitting" so what was he trying to say? Its a good thing "BA" wasn't here, We wouldn't have known what to order for him. J and I both thought that it was enough food to share. I can't really describe the flavor, it was like nothing I've tasted. So was this traditional chinese food then? (the soup?) anyway, yes I would recommend this place if you want something different. Spring rolls is really good food, but it's still not my favorite Vietnamese. I'm very loyal to a place in town. The menu here at spring rolls has many different things to try. It was great.


  1. This is Tyler, sorry if I came off as a little elitist for wanting you to get some more Chinese stuff but they do it really well. It was a pleasant surprise to find a follow-up to my other post. I'm glad you liked it. You can always ask them to dial up the heat if you want more. I would also recommend the beef chow fun; very filling.

    There are a bunch of us that now read your blog, it's a good thing you are doing. We've visited several new places because of you guys. Keep it up!

    Oh and you want real mexican/central american? Go to los del cid on 13ave north across from the Greek Orthodox church. Not the cheapest but real central american, fairly close to what you may get in LA. If you come on friday, ask about the soup. The breakfast is good too and served all day. Good guatemalan coffee as well. Not like cuppers (Nothing is), but still good.

  2. My mistake, I forgot you were at los del cid already.

  3. I very much enjoy reading your blogs to see where you've gone and how it is. I'd like to make a suggestion though. Go the the Alberta Health Services website and on the front page is a link to restaurant inspections. I would suggest checking out inspections before you go. There are some places in Lethbridge you definitely want to stay away The Mandarin. I'd hate to see you guys get sick from one of your outings. Cheers!

  4. I understand that a blog is just your opinion, but at least get the nationality of the restaurant that you're reviewing correct...Spring Rolls is NOT Chinese food. I would have accepted "Asian" w/o a problem, but stating in your blog that Spring Roll is Chinese shows that you guys don't know what your talking about and your reviews need more research to hold any merit

    1. Spring Rolls is just a name. If you cared to look at the menu, you'd see plenty of Chinese items. I call it Chinese because it has the most authentic Chinese food in the city by a mile. Many dishes fwith things like Sichuan Pepper.

      While the rest of the menu, while good, is also pretty good at other Vietnamese places in the city as well. There isn't nearly as big of a quality difference in that style.

      Are you going to tell me that Homemade Spicy Pork Noodle or Beef Chow Fun is from SE Asia? You could call it Asian, or you could call it what it is, Chinese. When someone asks for a Chinese recommendation, I say Spring Rolls. I don't correct them and say, "Chinese, Vietnamese, and fusion place you mean".