Thursday, 2 February 2012

Makisu Sushi 1517 Mayor Magrath Drive South

Today we decided it was time to try Makisu Sushi. For me I wasn't expecting a spectacular lunch. I don't really know why to be honest, but I went in to this venture with some-what low expectations. We were seated at our table and given the menus to fill out. All of us picked a few things we liked and then we ended up sharing everything. I ordered a spicy tuna roll, some sashimi, tuna and salmon, All of the food came fairly quickly. Wow! Its really really good tasting. We ate up our first order and ordered again. It was so dang good. Our second order was as big as the first and we all shared this order too. At this point I'm getting really full but we knew we should be polite and eat all that we ordered. I really like this buffet style sushi, it was really good quality, and tasted really good. The other Nomads will agree that this was such a good place to go. Its been a while since I've got back to work and talked and talked about how much I loved lunch. I will be back again, I thought it was great!  "M"

Well I guess we need to amend the Sushi Trifecta.  We have now completed the Sushi quad.  I haven't read "M's" post yet, so there may be some repetition happnin' here.  Domo arigato, ...Mr. Makisu.  I know,  a cheap 'Styx' rip off and not that funny. Anyways, I don't even know where to start man.  Yum, yum, yum, yum.......get the picture.  My tastebuds have been in a state of Euphoria all afternoon.  We hadn't been here yet, not sure why but maybe just because of past restaurants that have been in this locale.  I won't name names, but needless to say this location has been pretty gross for a long time.  Well that's changed now that Makisu Sushi is here.  I was very pleased with the simple yet adequate decor.  I loved the menu system, I loved the Sushi, I loved the service, I loved the GFM I was in all afternoon, I loved how stuffed I was.  I just ate my dinner and its after 10 pm.  Holy Crap I ate a mountains worth of sushi!  Hey are they still open?  Maybe I could head there right now.  As far as flavour is concerned, Makisu is as good as anywhere.  As far as presentation, not too shabby.  I really liked the wooden plate thingees.  Next time I eat there I will feel like a pro at ordering.  It took a couple of rounds before we felt we had it figured out.  I was pleased to see people in there.  Places like this need to stick around.  I had miso, maki, sashimi, teriyaki chicken, and even some stuff I hadn't eaten before.  Finished it off with some Mango ice cream.  It's great here cause you can try things you normally wouldn't eat.  I was surprised when I sent in an order of gyoza, and received a single gyoza.  We kinda chuckled bout it.  We ate in two rounds today.  While we were sitting and waiting for round two to show up, we started feeling fuller and fuller.  When the next order showed up our mouths dropped and we realized we had our work cut out for us.  "M" was almost cross-eyed he was so full, but "J" and I were ready.  It was time to 'Lock and Load'.  We succeeded by polishing off every last spec of food.  Thank You Makisu, I will definitely be back. "BA"

I'm sure the other Nomads have already said it all but I was pleasantly surprised with lunch today. I don't know why but I really didn't have very high expectations going here but I quickly changed my mind. Once we got the hang of the ordering system we started to roll, sushi roll that is. The rolls were a perfect size to fit in your mouth and great flavor. Spicy tuna rolls are my favorite and these were especially good. They had a little crunch to them and I loved it. I have a favorite sushi place already but these rolls alone may change that. I liked this way of ordering sushi because it allows you the opportunity to try things you may not normally order. The portions are a little smaller and and so you don't feel like you will waste something if you don't like it. I tried new things today and was very happy to be able to do so. I prefer to spend less than $15 for lunch but today it was worth it. Grab a couple of friends and give Makisu Sushi a try, you won't be disappointed.   "J"


  1. A friend and I went for a dinner at Makisu and although it arrived quickly and the presentation was nice we will not be going back.We found the menu confusing and the original server was over attentive at until after we placed the order than it took forever for him to make his way back. In between our meal we had 3 different people come to our table... one of which did not speak english and was trying to interpret what was in specific rolls. Our water was warm and there were gross fruit flys everywhere which to me indicates that garbage hasnt been taken out or something is rotting. All of these would not even matter at all in the slightest if the sushi was fantastic... it was not! The calamari was served with ketchup... i knew it was not going to be good. While i liked the variety I knew that any place with that much variety is going to have some not so great dishes... Sadly the only thing that was good was the tempura. The sushi had way too much sauce if you ordered the ones with sauce, if you had ones with creamcheese there was too much of it and it would overpower the roll everything tasted like creamcheese and rice, and the worst offence was the fish had NO flavour, which was just plain sad for any sushi establishment. For 60$ we would have been way more happy going to DONO or Lighthouse and getting delicious sushi and stuffed full. Sorry for the bad review but we have 2 really good sushi places in town and Makisu will have to step it up for 30$

  2. Makisu is quite nasty, i've seen the kicthen. They keep their chicken teryaki, and tempura bits for cripys rolls out in the open all day&night. There cups are dirty and they have a fruit fly problem because I have found it one in two drinks & a roll.. also finding a peice of metal in my wonton soup. NONE of the servers can explain there menu.. Bad review, will not be going back.

  3. Don't know what these comments are about fruit flies, me and my significant other have been going here at least once a month for the past year, and we've never once seen any kind of flies.

    The so called inattentive servers is derived from what we've come to suspect as a cultural difference. We expect to not have to ask, they expect you to ask. As for getting multiple servers, they operate differently from western restaurants where a server has an assigned section. These guys are very prompt about removing empty dishes from your table, and any of them will come nab your order from you once you make it obvious you're ready.

    Overall, this is a loved place to go for me and my friends, and the only problem we have is we don't have the budget to go there more often.