Thursday, 19 January 2012

Botanica 320 Scenic Drive

Today was pretty cold out and I wasn't excited about having to go outside, but, of course my stomach told me I had to take one for the team. "C" wasn't quite so cooperative today so "M" and I left him behind and we headed over to the Lethbridge Lodge Hotel for lunch. We got seated right away which is always good and got our menus. My first thought was the prices were a little high for lunch, then I remembered that I was in a hotel restaurant, you know captive audience so lets nail 'em. My next thought was almost everything on ther menu was sandwiches. The only exception was fish & chips and spaghetti both of which I was tempted to try because I didn't want a sandwich. Then I noticed something that really caught my interest, a grilled chicken gouda sandwich on a ciabata bun. I ordered it with cream of chicken soup which was a great choice on a cold day. I must admit, even tho' I wasn't wanting to eat a sandwhich for lunch, this one was really good. The soup had a great flavor and hit the spot on a cold day. The sandwich was as good as I hoped for. Chicken, gouda, lettuce, tomato, fried shredded onions and mayo on a ciabata and the best part was an olive on top. This was a really good sandwich that left me very satisfied and ready to go back to work. "J"

 Today I was really hungry, I was ready to go anywhere. The choice of Botanica didn't really excite me, but it's part of being a nomad to jump out of the usual "rut." I thought the lunch menu didn't have tons of stuff on it, lots of sandwiches and a few salads. I ordered fish and chips. I thought it was good. It wasn't so amazing that I talked about it all day, but It was a good lunch. It was around $11 and I left full. I was actually jealous of "J"'s sandwich, it looked awesome. All in all I was happy with our choice. It was a first time for me, and I think I'll probably be back for supper sometime. I thought the service was good, it was a nice hot meal on a cold day. "M"

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  1. Jiminy Cricket5 March 2012 at 18:38

    It's a nice place to eat and I have always enjoyed when they have a lunch buffet. It's been about 3 months since I have been there but can't say I have any complaints. Clean, decent service, good food, fair price.