Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fatburger 1505 Mayor Magrath Drive

Well, what a great way to start a new year. People all around us are setting New Years goals, joining health clubs, going on diets, etc. but we the Lethbridge Lunch Nomads started the new year by going to Fatburger.  No, we are not trying to make a statement, it was just because we are running low on places to try out and this was one of the last places to eat before we start all over again. Regardless of why, we ate at Fatburger today. It has been very busy since it's recent opening and it was quite full today too. I was impressed with this new burger place. The inside was very welcoming, like a real restaurant not a warehouse. I ordered a Big Fat Deal today. A double burger california style (guacamole and jack cheese), fries and a drink. It was served right to the table and was steaming hot. The burger was great, very flavorful and full of toppings, yet not so many that they all squeeze out on the first bite. The fries were hot and fresh, crispy on the outside and nice and hot inside. In fact even the last ones to be eaten were still hot. The bottomless pop, or soda as they say (we're really becoming Americanized aren't we!) is probably a big bonus for many people. For me I drank more pop today than I usually do in a couple of months.  This was a big meal, I was pretty full when I was done. If you are trying to keep your resolutions I wouldn't come here very often, but for the occasional burger, this place was great. I was impressed and will definitely recommend it as a burger joint to try out.   "J"

To be honest I was never really that excited to try Fatburger. It just sounded like something I wouldn't like. I guess I just had the image of "the other guys" in my mind. (Which is a pretty good place after all, I guess sometimes the thought of a huge messy burger doesn't always sound great) Anyways I ordered the "Big Fat Deal", I think we all did. I thought it was so dang good. I ordered mine with onion rings, which were ok, a little big and too thick of onions for me. The burger. WOW. It was awesome, I even liked it a bit better than "the other guys" I thought the place was super clean, really nice and trendy. I will for sure be back again. I thought my "Big Fat Deal" was a good deal, I actually finished everything. If you haven't tried it yet, Fatburger is a must. I loved it. "M"

FATBURGER ROCKS! Finally a place to satisfy BA's appetite. I too was a little hesitant to eat here today. My wife and I ate at the Calgary location once during one of our IKEA trips. We weren't very impressed at that time. So needless to say I wasn't jumping for joy at the thought of eating there again. But, STOP THE PRESSES!!!! THIS JUST IN! FATBURGER Lethbridge is killer.  I ordered the 'Big Fat Deal'. I love how all the employees shout back 'Big Fat Deal' when one is ordered at the till. If they don't show enough enthusiasm they recall it till everyone shouts in chorus 'Big Fat Deal'. I love it. Finally somewhere fun to eat. I really liked the atmosphere, decor, and pleasant staff. I wasn't aware that it was a full service restaurant. WOW. I didn't even have to fill my own tank.  The burger was grand. The rings were colossal. The bottomless 'pop' (we are in Canada) was stellar. I was left in a true GFM. (Good Food Mood - for those of you just tuning in). The service was top notch and my opinion of the FATBURGER franchise has been completely redeemed.

THANK YOU FATBURGER. You made my day. 'BA'


  1. Thank you for the awesome review I look forward to serving you again - "L" (Manager Fatburger)

  2. Fat Burger has taken over Five Guys hands down!! I have been here many times and always had great food. The staff is friendly ,fun and entertaining.The burgers here are never greasy ,and they have a multitude of toppings,refillable drinks are a definite bonus.The manager is very pleasant and welcomes us every time were in. Fat Burger has a STAMP CARD for us frequent customers that when you buy so many the next burger is FREE.We have filled up many cards so far.We will see you soon .

  3. I look forward to your excellent reviews of Fatburger, McDonalds, Burger King, and Dairy Queen. You are truly the trailer park of food critics. May I also request reviews of food courts and gas station vending machines.

    This blog is a waste of time.

    What kind of "businessmen" are you guys? Is that code for unemployed?

    1. Bandito Burrito5 March 2012 at 18:42

      Actually if you can order a beer at a restaurant then it qualifies as one, and I had me a nice pint of awesomeness at Fatburger. Gas stations don't have vending machines either, they have fridges with pre- packaged sandwiches that you put in the microwave.

    2. I think I smell someone that received an unfavorable review in the past!! :)

      These "businessmen" don't claim to be critics. They are simply average people, eating lunch in various locations, blogging about their opinions on their experiences.

  4. Jiminy Cricket5 March 2012 at 18:33

    I have gone to Fat Burger twice now. They nailed it on the concept of the old diner feel and the portion size is quite large. That being said I'm not sure I would go here again. It didn't come off as something special and unique. I feel that BK has their own flavour as does DQ, McDonalds and for sure Five Guys Burgers and Fries, but I can't say I feel that way about Fat Burger. It seems like and expensive version of a burger I can make at home and when it comes to dining out, food needs to have its own flare.

  5. The food is good quality and the fries are very good. However, the prices are way out of line... the Baby Burger and fries, NO DRINK cost over $9.00 with tax.