Thursday, 22 March 2012

Guesthouse Restaurant 110 W.T. Hill Boulevard South

It was time to try the Guesthouse. Its been talked about for a couple of weeks now and we finally went for it. I was impressed with the buffet today. I`ve always been unsure if it was something I wanted to try or not. They had such a good variety today. You can try a little bit of everything and it ends up being a really good lunch. There`s everything from salad to meatballs, basa, chow mein, fruits, veggies, you name it. I didn`t go crazy today, I don`t like to eat too much at a buffet, but I left happy with our choice. I was most impressed with the service, the staff at Guesthouse are comitted to making sure you are happy with the food and that it meets your expectations. Thank you Guesthouse for the good food and great service. If you`ve never been here or its been a long time since you`ve been here, give it a try. I thought it was great.  I`ll be back again soon

 "C" said he would join us today if we went where he could eat a ton of food, so off to the Guesthouse we went. I've only eaten here once before. It was for supper and we caught the tail end of the buffet. This time we arrived shortly after noon and the buffet looked great. Lots of salads, veggies, fruit and there must have been at least ten hot items including lasagne, mashed potatos, spatzli, chinese noodles, meatballs, pork, basa and more that I can't remember. I tried to take a little of most things and even with that my plate was pretty full. I went back for more fruit and basa, and then finally had to try a dessert. Overall I was very pleased with my lunch today. Great variety and good quality. I loved the basa and would come back just for that. I really wanted to try the bread they had sitting out (I love bread) but I wanted to save room for other things. I would rather not spend $14 + tip for lunch but when I am feeling like a bigger lunch I will be back here again.   "J"


  1. As a former employee at The Guesthouse, I have seen alot of different things go on. To begin with the food is not all that you have made it out to be. The ammount of short cuts taken to prepare your "delicious" food is rediculous. To maintain a low food and labour cost, most of the hot food items on the buffet are re-heated in the microwave and are scraps from previous other meals. The seafood stirfry is more than meets the eye, as it is completely unsanitary in that they do mix 3-4 day old seafood with the new. In regards to the owner, he has fired numerous capable and productive employees for no justified reason other than to stay in control and flex what muscles he has. This has been done over electronic devices such as e-mails and texts. Once I came to see the true colors of this individual and the lack of respect he had for his staff and, most importantly, his "guests" I gave my notice. For those that enjoy The Guesthouse, keep enjoying it, but take a step back and think what goes on behind closed doors.

    1. Key point in this response "former employee"

      I never trust the opinion of a former employee of any business about that business, there's a reason they are former employees and not current employees.

    2. Obviously you are the owner of this establishment. Why don't you print your name? I have also talked to many former employees who been eyewitnesses to the same practices that go on there.

  2. Coco Pazzo locally owned and should try it!

  3. Where are you guys? Hopefully you're not giving in to the people who have critiqued you! Are you lost for places to try? A few suggestions are Coco pazzo, Lakeview bakery, Mad Moes pizza, Honkers pub, the (newly reopened) Red dog diner, Schnitzel haus, Broxburn cafe... This city has a lot to offer, and I think it's great that you guys are reminding a lot of owners that they need to be vigilant in keeping high expectations of their staff. As a former server, the level of service in this city drives me crazy, and I'm glad when you call businesses on it. Hope to see something new from you soon.