Thursday, 19 April 2012

Taj 312 2 Ave S

We are still here, and we aren't going anywhere. There was a couple of weeks in there when one or two or all of us were away and we couldn't "Nomad" like we wanted. True, we have felt like we've "run-low" on places to try. We are very much still here, and the blog will continue. This week we decided to go back to the first place we went to as "Nomads" the Taj. It was as good as always, the buffet had not changed at all from the last time. I thought the food was really good, tons of flavour just as before. I know for sure I didn't just hit them up on a "good" day because it was consistent quality almost a year later. Thanks again for the good lunch. I'm sure we'll be back again. Taj is a nice change from the ordinary lunches out there. "M"

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  1. I am hoping you will try Jimmy's Pub on the south side. We went there some time ago and the food was not good! Canned soup and chili and mediocre sandwiches. Can't find a review of them online put they have been hanging in so maybe they have improved...