Thursday, 8 March 2012

Diaz Restaurant 635 13 Street North

Diaz was recently suggested to us by a follower of the blog. We like to take suggestions these days as it's getting hard to find a place that's locally owned. We try to stay away from "chain" places as much as possible.  It's is a nice little place on 13th Street North. The waitress was very friendly to us today and the service was great from the time we walked in. They have only been open a month now and they are trying out a few things for their lunch menu. The "beef dip" caught my eye today. As you can see in the picture its not what you might expect a "beef dip" to look like. I was going to ask if it came with something to "dip" into, but I assumed this is what it was. The menu said something about "cuban style". It was very good. The spanish rice was a perfect choice. It went well with the beef dip. I really hope that people can get out and try this place for lunch. The previous restaurant was never open for lunch so I think most people wouldn't know yet that they are open for lunch. I'll be back with my wife sometime for supper. If you're looking for something new to try, head on over to Diaz, it was a good lunch with reasonable prices. The staff treated us really well today. For me, today was a good choice. Thank you Diaz, see you again! "M"

I'm always excited to see new restaurants open up in Lethbridge. A blog follower recently suggested we give "Diaz" a try so today was the day.  Considering they have only been open for a month and are still working on their menu selections I was pleased with the choice today. I ordered the veal cutlets and was very happy with my choice. The veal was nice & thick, and had great flavor. The staff were very friendly and welcoming. We were told the chef is Cuban and is working on some Cuban influenced dishes. I really look forward to giving that a try. A little Cuban music and some Cuban colors would really  liven Diaz up. I would love to see more ethnic restaurants in Lethbridge especially if they serve "comida Cubana." My suggestion from todays visit is a little more color on the plate (I had a very beige meal) and a little more color in the atmosphere.  I'll be back again.   "J"


  1. Tried their fish and chips today, perfectly cooked fish and the batter was different from anywhere else in town, it didn't taste deep fried and greasy. Liked the prices too, same cost as anywhere else in town to eat a decent lunch.

  2. Went there for dinner tonight and had the salmon. Best Salmon I have ever had anywhere; Moist and full of flavor but not over powering. Then I had the Cheesecake with Mango's for dessert, AMAZING. I cant wait to go back. This is my new favorite place to eat.

  3. celebrated our Anniversary there last evening... the special on offer was Swordfish... very nice.... the rice side dish had a nice addition of slight hint of Cumin... loved it!. vegetables were fresh and tasty.... same for the Salad...

    my dessert was Mango Pie...... to die for! truly... highly recommend trying it..
    my husband had the Fish and chips and he thoroughly enjoyed that option as well.. his dessert was Cheesecake and again, very well done........

    can't wait to go back and see what else is offered by these very nice people.