Thursday, 24 February 2011

Taj East Indian Cuisine

Taj East Indian Cuisine

This is a great place to start because it was such a pleasant experience. We have been eating out on thursdays for years and recently gotten into a rut of eating at the same place, with few exceptions. We enjoyed the food at the Taj so much we couldn't stop talking about it. In fact that's kind of what inspired the idea to blog about our lunch time food experiences.  Personally, I like food with lots of flavor and because of that I really enjoy most ethnic foods. Notice the most, but not always. Anyway that's what I loved about Taj. It's a fairly small restaurant in the older part of downtown Lethbridge. Nice atmosphere, very friendly. During the lunch hour they have a small buffet and the server was more than eager to explain all the dishes to us since it was our first time there. Eight different main dishes, a small salad and dessert selection was there for us to choose from. I am not an east indian cuisine expert, but I am familiar with a few of the dishes. Some were new to me.  Over all I loved every bite of food that I took. There were a few disappointments but nothing too big. I am used to Butter Chicken with a little more zing to it and this was very mild. The BBQ'ed chicken had a great flavor but was a little dry for me, it made it a little too chewy. The Pakora was a new dish to me and I loved it, I would go back just for more of that.  There was plenty of flavor to enjoy, and being a buffet there was plenty of food to eat. I went back to work very pleased and would recommend this restaurant to all. One last note is that unfortunately the cost of this restaurant did not fall into our $10 range. It was more like $12.55 for the buffet but still well worth it.  Give it a try.    "J"

Hi There, This is "M", I want to give my take on "Taj." What can I say that "J" didn't?   I LOVED IT. What a great place, the food was Amazing. I loved the butter chicken on the rice. The Naan Bread was great too. I don't know much about East Indian Food, but the flavor was fantastic. I would go back. True, we like to eat lunch in Lethbridge for $10 or less, but I would make an exception to go back to Taj. Its decorated nice inside, they were very friendly to us and willing to take the time to explain everything. This has to be one of my favorite places in town.  So Good. "M"

Hey good peoples, this is "C".  Because of a bit of a self imposed hiatus from the usual thursday lunch gig,  I didn't go to Taj with the LLN (LethbridgeLunchNomads). But it must have been a great place cause the boys couldn't stop yakin' about it for like three days! All they talked about for days, was how good Taj was, and how it was so good they wish they were eating right now!  I'd like to play tough and say that I didn't care, but they said it was soooo amazing, that I regret not going with them.  I will definately go next time, eat, enjoy, and talk about it for weeks. "C"

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