Thursday, 24 February 2011


Yo Yo    102-5 Street S.

It was real cold today and when we got to our agreed upon spot it was closed for "the owners personal" reasons. So we had to scramble to come up with something quick and close. Yo Yo fit the bill and off we went. Five of us met here today and considering there is only seating for about 12, we created a lunch hour rush. Actually, other people must like this place too because within a few minutes of the five of us arriving, another 15 - 20 joined the line to order their food. They specialize in Panini's and Crepe's. I ordered a Chicken Club panini. They assured me it would be big enough to fill me and it was. In fact two of our group didn't finish theirs. I can't imagine who could eat the large size because it is double what I had. Because of the noon rush the food was a little slow but not unreasonably considering there were only two people working in there. My panini had lots of flavor but was a little tricky to eat wrapped in paper. I would have liked to cut it in half, but it didn't really last that long anyway. By the time it was in my hands I was hungry and down it went.  I don't normally order a sandwich when we go out so I don't know what I was thinking. Just hungry I guess. A lot of the other people in the restaurant ordered crepes. I'll have to try one next time. $6.50 for a panini   "J"

Uhh... Ya I'm still not sure what to think of YoYo's I had a Brooklyn Pinini, It wasn't great. I was hungry, I ate it. It sat in my stomach all afternoon. The thought of eating one again tomorrow.. NO. I do want to try the Crepe's though, maybe they are better, or maybe the other pinini's are better. It was fairly busy in there today, it took a few minutes for all of us to get our food. The service was fine. The staff was friendly. I thought the price was good. My Pinini and a huge 710ml pop came to $9.19. Not Bad, I'm not trashing on the place, but I wasn't really amazed. Not yet anyway. It filled me up. I hope next week goes better. "M"

Hey everybody, this is "C". Like "J", I too had the chicken club panini.  I like to eat, and when I eat I like to eat a lot!  In fact at the office I'm known as sort of the human garburator.  So anyways, this panini was large enough to cause my eyes to somewhat pop right out of their sockets! I caught 'em and stuffed 'em back in then opened super wide and began stuffing this massive monolith into my cake hole. Flavourful and yumnicious, I kept eating and eating and eating! Was the lunch hour going to be long enough to finish this thing? I also had the soup, which to my gladness was mushroom.  I love mushrooms, unlike "J" who is afraid of them. The soup was quite deliteful.  I would have liked it a little thicker, but the large mushroom pieces gave the soup some substance.  I chased it down with good ol' fashioned H20.  The atmosphere at YoYo's is very bistro-like with a concrete floor, a couple of tables, and a raised bar-like thingie. The staff were very friendly and dispite the noon hour rush we seemed to cause, they performed gallantly, delivering our food in a timely manner.  Over all I give YoYo's a 4 out of 5. I definately will try the crepes next time, as the roof of my mouth is still rather tender from the crispiness of the panini. "C"

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