Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cafe Verde 1503 Mayor Magrath Drive

Well it was a great day to try out Cafe Verde. I ordered a burrito with bbq pork. It was great, loved it. I've always loved tacos, burritos fresh pico de gallo and stuff like that. If you've ever tried a "Cafe Rio", this place is pretty similar to that. It has a real simple menu and its easy to order, you get to choose what type of beans, sauces. and sides you want. It was a dang good lunch for around $10 including the drink. I'll be back again for sure. Oh ya, you're definitely not going to leave hungry either.

Twice in one week was not too much. I came tuesday with my wife and then today with the Nomads. I had a burrito tuesday and tried the enchiladas today. Both times I was very pleased and very full. My enchiladas were more like mini burritos than enchiladas, but they were good and I was able to order two with different meats and sauces so I had a great mix of flavors. This place has only been open less than a week and already today we have run into people that have eaten here two and three times. Including me I guess. I have a feeling Cafe Verde is here to stay.  "J"


  1. Went there tonight for dinner. Was about $40 for 3 people for dinner + an order of nachos and drinks. The staff immediately sensed my husband's uncertainty surrounding the way their menu works and Julio?(i think is the owner/manager), came right over and explained it very clearly how it works. They guided my autistic daughter through ordering her burrito with ease. Between us we ordered 2 burritos, and a quesadilla, and a plate of nachos. The sweet pork BBQ was deliciously flavored, and the Beef Guallicario was tasty in both the burrito and quesadilla options. They explained the heat levels of their sauces well, and we all got precisely the flavor we desired. I loved that when I wanted my quesadilla simple without alot of extra stuff, that's exactly what I got. The salsa tasted quite fresh, and even with special orders are meals were prepared exactly the way we wanted. Next time we wouldn't bother with the nachos -- while they were quite tasty, we just had way too much food. Also, their ice machine in the fountain soda area isn't quite set up properly yet - if youre having trouble with it, they'll hook you up! :)

    I'm SO relieved, being originally from the Eastern United States, to have another mexican option in lethbridge -- I think that El Comal could be in real trouble if word gets out.

  2. I was a bit disappointed, I was expecting more authentic flavours.
    For one they only use Flour Tortillas. Using flour tortillas for all the dishes really changes the flavour profile of the meat/seasing chosen, and for most Mexican food you use Corn Tortillas (flour tortillas are mostly limited to the northern states of Mexico) The grand majority of Mexicans will always use and prefer Corn Tortillas.
    The salsas were decent and I was happy to find one with cilantro. Now I know there are people who have not learned to like Cilantro and think the flavour is too strong, but I consider this herb to be extremely important in Mexican ciusine. So when the guacamole had no cilantro in it, I was sad :(
    The Horchata was ok, although it had way to much cinnamon and it tasted more like Rice Pudding than real horchata.

    The black beans were fine, but the white rice they serve does not make me think Mexican rice, it tasted fine, but nothing out of this world, also a burnt white rice is not my favourite.

    The lettuce they had chopped also seemed a bit out of place with the tacos, they should at least chop it finer if they are going to serve it.
    And the ice machine does in fact make your drink explode all over the place =) But that is not a big deal.

    Anyway, I am a born and raised Mexican woman and only moved to Canada a few years ago, so I know what Mexican flavours are and in this case I would feel more comfortable calling this Tex Mex than full on Mexican. Especially when you have grated cheese ready to smother on anything you order!!!

    I still have not tried El Comal, but it is on my list. I heard they serve Mole, so if that is any good I don't see why El Comal should worry about Cafe Verde.

    As a recommendation I would totally suggest El Cid on 13th St N. A tiny Guatemala restaurant - to my taste they offer a more authentic flavours and corn tortillas AND Cilantro. Also, their horchata (although I know its store bought concentrate) tastes better.

    My conclusion for Cafe Verde: don't call it Mexican, call it Tex MEx, it can be very misleading!!


  3. When will you start posting reviews again? Love your reviews.

  4. You should do a 'Dinner with a friend' review and go to peoples homes for a home cooked meal. That would be quite interesting to see how they all stack-up against each other. You might lose some friends though if their cooking is not up to scratch!

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