Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cafe Verde is open

This isn't an official "Nomad" post but I wanted everyone to know that after months of planning, Lethbridges newest Mexican restaurant has opened. Fashioned after the Cafe Rio chain of restaurants in the USA it offers a casual fast food atmosphere. My wife & I gave it a shot tonight and yes the burritos are just as big as those at Cafe Rio. Julio has created some great flavors in the meats and salsas with his personal spice blends, I'm sure you'll love it. Congratulations to Doug and Julio, and the unknown partner. You've done a great job.

Oh ya, it's over by Fatburger on Mayor Magrath Drive. Once the Nomads have officially eaten there we'll give you more to read.   "J"


  1. You guys should head back to Dono Sushi and try out their all you can eat lunch set up. We did the ordering from the menu -- its similar to the Mikasa set up, only at Dono! A dream come true for my family. :) Today we went for lunch and had a half order of chicken teriyaki, a pile of gyozo, shrimp tempura, and lots of rolls to split amongst us. Great meal at a reasonable price.

    1. Tried Dono for the first time last week with my daughter. We eat a ton of sushi at different places here and in Vancouver and were not impressed with what Dono has to offer.

  2. How about Whitbie's (spelling??) Fish and Chips on the West side?

  3. Thnak you Cafe Verde