Friday, 2 December 2011

Penny Coffee House 331 5 Street South

We recieved a suggestion to try this place this week, so we did! We were told to try the "Avocado BLT or the "Spicy Grilled Cheese" So, "J" and I  each ordered one and split them. I thought they were both "Delish" My favourite was the BLT, I loved it. It was so fresh and tasty. Wow! I ordered a side of pasta salad because again, it was one of the suggestions. To be honest, I didn't like it. (and I love pasta salad) The noodles were undercooked, I couldn't finish it. I seriously hope I just caught them on a bad day because the flavour was awesome. I could come back for lunch again, and soon. It was a nice little place and I feel like I got my money's worth. Thanks Penny's for the great lunch. I hope they cook the pasta just a little bit longer next time, then I can just imagine how awesome my lunch would have been. "M"

Well, "M" pretty well said it all. We went to the Penny today on suggestion from a  reader and I was very pleased. "M" and I split our sandwiches and they were both real good, but today I preferred the BLT. I had soup with mine, vegetarian chili, and it was very tasty. "P" came with us today and he didn't like the soup, I think it was too spicy for him, but I thought it was a great addition to a sandwich. We have discovered that the local coffee/sandwich shops here in Lethbridge are really popular and so if you want to go there for lunch you need to arrive early. We got here shortly after 12:00 and placed our order right away. Before long the line up was 10-12 people. That just goes to show how popular the Penny is and also how well Lethbridge supports our local restaurants. Be brave, break away from your regular routine and try out the many places to have lunch in Lethbridge. We did and we have discovered some fantastic restaurants, including the Penny Coffee House.   "J"

As usual I'm the last one to blog about our adventures today.  As mentioned, we went on the advice of one of our devout followers, and hit the Penny today.  Pretty cool place.  Even more than the menu, the thing that impressed me the most was first, the ambiance, and second the popularity of these corner shops.  Again, this place was packed!  Maybe I'm as much 'downtown ignorant', as "J" is a 'Chinese food snob'.  I know the Penny has been around for a long time but it has never even dawned on me to go there. I was thoroughly impressed not only by the food but the clientele that mosey into this place.  I mean there were celebs and models and famous people everywhere!  Well ok maybe not, but we did see some people we knew and respect, so if they eat here then we consider ourselves in good company.  You may be asking yourselves, 'Do I always talk so much'? I haven't even gotten to the meat of my blog yet.  Hey look! Squirrel!  So I too dove into the Avacado BLT.  I had mine with the pasta salad as well.  Even my picture looks the same as "M's".  Anywho,  I quite liked the salad.  I didn't mind that the pasta was a little firmer. It could have done with a little less parmesan though.  The roof of my mouth was a little tender afterwards from the toasted bread, but that was a small price to pay for the GFM that resulted.  I asked how someone gets a sandwich named after them, and I was told "just be nice to me and come here often".  So folks I'm making a prediction!  Someday the Penny will have a sandwich named "The Nomad BA".  It will be a spicey grilled cheese with avocado, bacon, and tom.  I can see it now.  It will be in lights and my sandwich will be on the Marquis.  I will be anonymously famous.  Okay it will be in chalk on the menu board, but I just want some fame and fortune.  Not shame and misfortune.  Thanks for tuning in.  Eat well!  "BA"


  1. I love the coffee at the Penny, but I won't go to eat there again. It's far more expensive than Round Street, and the meat is processed. But, yes, it is always packed :)

  2. I absolutely adore the Penny, always have since junior high school! It's one of the few place in Lethbridge that are locally owned and actually have gluten-free menu choices, which I totally appreciate!!